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Compaq Presario 2100 2100CA 2100US Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply

Compaq Presario 2100 2100CA 2100US Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply

    Compatible notebook models:Compaq Presario Notebooks 2100 Series:2175EA 2100AP, 2100CA, 2100CA, 2100LA, 2100US, 2100US,2100US CTO AMD, 2100US CTO INT, 2101AP, 2101US, 2101US,2102AP, 2102EA, 2102US, 2102US, 2103AP, 2103EA, 2104AP,2105AP, 2105CA, 2105CA, 2105EA, 2105LA, 2105US, 2105US,2106AP, 2106EA, 2106US, 2106US, 2107AP, 2107EA, 2108EA,2109EA, 2110AP, 2110CA, 2110CA, 2110EA, 2110LA, 2110US,2110US, 2111AP, 2111EA, 2112AP, 2112EA, 2113AP, 2114AP,2114EA, 2115AP, 2115EA, 2116AP, 2117AP, 2117EA, 2118AD,2118EA, 2118EA, 2119AD, 2119EA, 2120AD, 2120AP, 2120EA,2120LA, 2120US, 2122AD, 2123AD, 2123AP, 2124AD, 2124AP,2125AC, 2125AD, 2125AP, 2125EA, 2126AC, 2126AD, 2126EA,2127AC, 2127AD, 2127EA, 2127EA, 2128AC, 2128AD, 2128EA,2129AD, 2129EA, 2130AC, 2130AD, 2130AP, 2130EA, 2131AC,2131AD, 2131EA, 2132AC, 2132RS, 2132RS, 2133AC, 2133AD,2133AP, 2133EA, 2134AD, 2134EA, 2135AC, 2135AD, 2135AP,2135CA, 2135EA, 2135US, 2135US, 2136AC, 2136AD, 2136EA,2136RSH, 2136RSH, 2137AC, 2137AD, 2137EA, 2138AC, 2138AD,2138EA, 2139AC, 2139AD, 2140AC, 2140AD, 2140AP, 2140CA,2140US, 2140US, 2141AC, 2141AC, 2141AD, 2141EA, 2142EA,2143AD, 2143AP, 2144AD, 2144EA, 2145AD, 2145AP, 2145CA,2145EA, 2145US, 2145US, 2146AD, 2146EA, 2147AD, 2147EA,2148AD, 2148EA, 2149AD, 2149EA, 2150AP, 2150US, 2150US,2151AD, 2151EA, 2152EA, 2153AP, 2154AP, 2154EA, 2155AP,2155EA, 2155US, 2155US, 2156AP, 2156EA, 2157AP, 2158AP,2158EA, 2160EA, 2160US, 2161EA, 2162EA, 2163EA, 2164EA,2165EA, 2166EA, 2167EA, 2169EA, 2170US, 2172EA, 2173EA, 2175EACompaq Presario2500 Series:2500AP, 2500LA, 2500AP, 2510AP, 2510EA, 2510LA ,2511EA, 2512EA, 2515AP, 2515EA, 2516EA, 2520AP ,2520EA, 2521EA, 2525AP, 2525CA, 2525EA, 2525US ,2526EA, 2528CL, 2530AP, 2535AP, 2535QV, 2538CL ,2540, 2540AP, 2545AP, 2545US, 2550AP, 2555AP,2555US,2560AP ,2565AP, 2575US ,DC944AV, DA733AV, DA734AV,DC606A,DC607A, DC720A,DC721A, DC755A,DC609A,DC817A,DC754A, DC717A, DC730A, DC731A,DC718A, DC732A,DC733A,DC722A, DC715AR, DC715A,DC734A ,K561A,DC728A,DK560A,DK558A, DK559A,2580US,2585USCompaq Business Notebook:n1050v DC749A,DC750A,DC751A, DJ105S, DJ106S,DC767T,DC768TDC769T, DC770T,DD152T, DD153T,DD154S, DE236S, DE237S,DJ156SHP Compaq Business Notebook:nx9000 DF981A, DF982A, DF984A, DF985A, DF986A,DF987A,DG211A, DG212A, DG213A, DG214A,DG223T,DG224T, DG225T, DG672A, DG673A, DG674A,DG675A,DG676A, DG677A, DG678A, DG679A, DG856A,DG857A,DG862A, DG863A, DG864A, DG865A, DG866A, DG868A,DG869A, DG870A, DG871A, DG872A, DG873A, DG874A,DG875A, DG876A, DG877A, DG878A, DG879A, DG880A,DG881A, DG882A, DG883A, DG884A, DG885A, DJ131S,DJ144S, DJ150S, DJ158S, DJ160S, DJ166S, DJ167S,DJ168S,DJ170S, DJ171S, DJ174S, DK452A, DK453A, DK787A, DK788A,DK789A,DK790A, DK938A, DK939A, DL015P,DL016P, DL040P,DL198P, DL199P, DL212P, DL930A, DL932A, DL933A,DL934A,DL935A, DM307P, DM308P, DM309P,DM310P,DM311P,DM316P,DM317P, DM318P, DM325P, DM556A,DM643AHP Pavilion ZE4000 - ZE5700 Series:ZE4000, ZE4100, ZE4115, ZE4125, ZE4145, ZE4200,ZE4201, ZE4202, ZE4202S, ZE4204,ZE4204S, ZE4205,ZE4206, ZE4206S, ZE4207, ZE4208,ZE4208S, ZE4209,ZE4210, ZE4211, ZE4212S, ZE4214,ZE4214S, ZE4215,ZE4217, ZE4218, ZE4219, ZE4220, ZE4221, ZE4222,ZE4224, ZE4228, ZE4229, ZE4230, ZE4231, ZE4232,ZE4232S,ZE4234, ZE4234S, ZE4236,ZE4239, ZE4240,ZE4241, ZE4251, ZE4258, ZE4261,ZE4262, ZE4268,ZE4271, ZE4274, ZE4274S, ZE4278,ZE4281,ZE4282,ZE4282S,ZE4284, ZE4288, ZE4292,ZE4294, ZE4298,ZE4300, ZE4301, ZE4302, ZE4305, ZE4305EA, ZE4306,ZE4306WM, ZE4307, ZE4308, ZE4310,ZE4310EA,ZE4311,ZE4312, ZE4313, ZE4314, ZE4314EA, ZE4315, ZE4315CA,ZE4315US, ZE4316, ZE4317, ZE4318, ZE4318US, ZE4319,ZE4320, ZE4321, ZE4325, ZE4325CA, ZE4325US, ZE4326,ZE4328, ZE4328US, ZE4332, ZE4333, ZE4334,ZE4335,ZE4335CA,ZE4335US, ZE4336, ZE4355, ZE4355US,ZE4356,ZE4537,ZE4358, ZE4358US, ZE4360, ZE4365, ZE4365US,ZE4367,ZE4400, ZE4400, ZE4401, ZE4401US,ZE4402, ZE4402US,ZE4403,ZE4404, ZE4410, ZE4410CA, ZE4417EA, ZE4420,ZE4420CA,ZE4420US,ZE4422, ZE4423, ZE4430, ZE4430US, ZE4453,ZE4454,ZE4455,ZE4455EA, ZE4500, ZE4501, ZE4501US, ZE4502,ZE4502US, ZE4504,ZE4505,ZE4507,ZE4508, ZE4509, ZE4510,ZE4525, ZE4525US, ZE4526,ZE4530, ZE4530US, ZE4540, ZE4540CA,ZE4540US, ZE4545, ZE4545US,ZE4546, ZE4547, ZE4550, ZE4560,ZE4560US, ZE4600, ZE4601, ZE4601US,ZE4602, ZE4602US, ZE4603,ZE4604, ZE4604US, ZE4605, ZE4605US, ZE4620, ZE4620US, ZE4624,ZE4624US, ZE4630, ZE4630US, ZE4640, ZE4640US, ZE5000, ZE5000,ZE5155, ZE5170, ZE5185, ZE5185, ZE5200, ZE5279, ZE5300, ZE5360,ZE5362, ZE5365, ZE5365US, ZE5367, ZE5367US, ZE5375, ZE5375US,ZE5385, ZE5385US, ZE5395, ZE5395US, ZE5400, ZE5407, ZE5410,ZE5413, ZE5415,ZE5450, ZE5451, ZE5451US, ZE5457, ZE5460,ZE5460US, ZE5462, ZE5467,ZE5468, ZE5468CL, ZE5470, ZE5470US,ZE5475, ZE5475CA, ZE5478, ZE5478CL, ZE5490, ZE5490US, ZE5497,ZE5500, ZE5501, ZE5501US, ZE5504, ZE5505,ZE5506, ZE5507, ZE5560,ZE5560US, ZE5565, ZE5565QV, ZE5568, ZE5568CL, ZE5570, ZE5570US,ZE5575, ZE5580, ZE5580US, ZE5587, ZE5590, ZE5590US, ZE5600, ZE5602, ZE5602US, ZE5603, ZE5603US, ZE5604, ZE5605, ZE5607WM, ZE5607WM,ZE5610, ZE5610CA, ZE5615, ZE5615CA, ZE5617, ZE5617WM, ZE5618,ZE5618CL, ZE5730, ZE5730US, ZE5731, ZE5731US, ZE5732HP Compaq Business Notebook:nx9005 DF988A, DF989A, DF990A, DF992A, DF993A,DF994A, DG194A, DG195A, DG196A, DG200A, DG201ADG202A, DG203A, DG220T, DG221T, DG222THP Compaq Business Notebook:nx9010 DG072A, DG073A, DG074A, DG075A, DG076A,DG077A, DG078A, DG231A, DG232A, DG233A, DG234A,DG235A, DG236A, DG237A, DG238A, DG239A, DG240T,DG241T, DG242T, DG243T, DG638A, DG639A, DG640A,DG641A, DG642A, DG643A, DG644A, DG645A, DG646A,DG647A, DG887A, DG890A, DG891A, DG893A, DG895A,}DG897A, DG900A, DG901A, DG902A, DG903A, DG904A,DG905A, DG906A, DG907A, DG908A, DG909A, DG910A,DG911A, DH902A, DH903A, DJ123A, DJ123T, DJ124A,DJ124T, DJ157S,DJ162A, DJ162T, DJ172S, DK444A,DK445A, DK770A, DK771A, DK772A, DK940A, DL039P,DL141A, DL438A, DL800A, DL801A,DL802A, DL803AHP Pavilion N3000 - N5000 series:N3000, N3100, N3150, N3250, (N3290/5),N3310, N3330, N3350, N3370, N3390, N3410,N5000, N5000, N5100, N5100, N5125, N5130,N5150, (N5190/5), N5200,N5200, N5210, N5270,(N5290/5), N5300, N5300, N5340, N5350, N5380,(N5390/5) , N5400, N5511L, N5584HP Pavilion ZE1000 / XT / ZT Series:ZE1200, ZE1201, ZE1202, ZE1210,ZE1230, ZE1250, ZE1260,XT276,XT375, XT412, XT4345QV, XT5366WM,XT537QV, XT545, XT5477WM, XT595,ZT1000HP Pavilion NotebookXT276 ,DA731AV,DA732AV,DC603AR,DC603AXT4345QV, DC978AR,DC978A,DF835AR,DF835AXT537QV, DF861AR,DF861A, DC966AR,DC966ADK941AR, DK941A ,XT5477WM DK570AR,DK570AXT595, DE862AR,DE862A,DB397A,DC672AR,DC672A,DE861AR, DE861A,DC753AR,DC753A,DE863AR,DE863AC.Compatible part numbers:325112-001, F5104A, DC895B, F4813A, 324816-001, 324816-002, 324816-003, 25112-001,324815-001 ,324815-002Input: AC100V - 240V.Frequency: 50-60HzOutput: 19V-4.9A..Output: 19V-4.9A..
Product Content:
1 x Laptop Adapter.
Manufacturer: CET
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