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Byarms Imported Brushed Leather Two-Fold Wallet for Casual Men


Byarms Korean Styled Oil-Wax Leather Pocket Bag - Small


Byarms Embossed Leather Bag Messenger Bags for Casual Men-COLOR Rice White


Byarms Men's Korean Leather Shoulder Bag Messenger Bags for Men


Digital Camera Hard Case-Color Red


12W-TF04 Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply


Byarms Imported Leather Diamond Patterned Two-Fold Wallet for Men


iPhone 4 Compatible Back Skin Guard Protector Film


Apple Compatible Laptop Car Charger - Output 16.5V-3.65A with 5 Pin Magnet


iPhone 4 Compatible TPU Case-Colors Pink


iPhone 3G Compatible Leather Case-Color White


iPad 2 Compatible TPU Case-Color Dark Blue


iPad 2 Compatible Case (Carbon Fiber Pattern)-Color White


Apple iPad Compatible Carry Pouch-Color Pink


Apple iPad Compatible Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Apple iPad Compatible Side Leather Case


Asus Compatible Laptop Car Charger - Output 19V-4.74A


Apple iPad Compatible Flip Leather Case


iPhone 4 Compatible Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Flip Leather Case


iPod Nano 4G Compatible Leather Flip Case-Color Pink


Byarms Men's Leisure Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag-Color Black


Byarms Casual Men's Leather Messenger Bag for Fashion


iPhone 3G/3GS Compatible Opening Tools


Byarms Leather Two Fold Wallet for Casual Men


Byarms Stylish Men's Leather Shoulder Bag Casual Fashion


iPhone 4 Compatible Side Bumper-Color Red


Apple Macbook Compatible Mini-HDMI/DVI Cable


Apple iPad Compatible Back Housing Replacement


Byarms Buffalo Leather Korean Messenger Men's Shoulder Bag-COLOR Black


Byarms Leather Briefcase for Men's Business Style Fashion


15.4 inches Screen Laptop Carrying Case-Colors Black


Byarms Diamond Pattern Leather Two-Fold Wallet for Men



Get ready for the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook. This device has the benefit of being marketed for its tiny size and powerful results, however there is a lot more to the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook that that. This notebook is extremely light in regard to weight and itís very stylish as well. It allows you do just about all of the networking that you want to do most including emailing, IMíing, getting onto your Facebook account, searching around on YouTube, twittering and more. Itís incredible small size allows you to take this with you just about anywhere that you can imagine, while allowing you to feel as if you have your full size, at home computer with you. You wonít miss a beat while youíre on the go.

Letís look at some more details about the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook. It is a small ten point one inches, yes 10.1. That is the size of the widescreen display on this very sturdy device. The display has LED backlighting and an amazing 1366 by 768 which offers a wicked razor sharp image. Colors are crisp, bright and in your face.

The entire Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook is 10.54 inches wide by 2.01 inches in height and only 7.07 inches deep. And it only weighs less than 3 pounds, at a lightweight 2.96 pounds and this includes the weight of the battery. When you purchase the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook, in the box you will also have the very large capacity Lithium-ion battery, an AC adapter and a power cable. So for at home or on the go, you are ready.

Forget about basic black, the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook gives you the choices of a great berry pink, a classy dark navy blue and a sophisticated pure white. Wondering more about the power? The Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook gives you an Intel Atom processor N450 which is 1.66 GHz, and a hard disk drive of 250 GB to the fourth. It has a 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM. This great notebook has excellent battery life. If you keep it on the default settings, you will have up to eight hours and if you opt to set it at the maximum brightness settings, youíll still have a good seven hours.

The Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook also offers you a QWERTY keyboard that is comfortable to use, giving you 82 keys with a good 1.2 mm stroke and a 16.05 pitch to it. Another great feature is that it has a built in camera and microphone, with as you know, is an excellent plus. The pade is electro static and it has expansion slots for a memory stick and an ExpressCard. Youíll love the integrated stereo Bluetooth technology that is built into the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook and it is, as you can imagine, WiFi certified. So with the Sony VAIO W Series mini notebook, youíre all set to go with excellent resolution, a great sized screen, backlighting, Intel media graphics, a long holding battery and more, all wrapped up in a choice of three great colors.
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